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Airsys.Cloud LITE, an all in one solution!

Airsys.Cloud LITE is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, push-to-talk communications solution. Get everything you need instantly to start your conversation being heard.


  • TELO TE300
  • Airsys.Cloud Flex PTT APP, Licence and Connectivity
  • A.Rodon (PTT) Dispatch (optional)



  • Channel Knob: Radio like feature for convenient channel selection.
  • Android 6
  • Navigation: Supporting both GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning systems, perfect for Airsys.Cloud Broadband Push-to-Talk tracking solution.
  • Long-lasting battery

Airsys.Cloud Flex PTT APP, Licence  

A.Flex PTT is an application designed for compatible devices to easily extend the range of your communications.


Benefit from 250MB non-steered data roaming across the UK and EU (aggregated). Programmable over the air (by Airsys to suit your individual requirements).


Airsys.Cloud’s Command and Control Centre Solution is supplied with powerful and flexible features. A.Rodon can be deployed as a desktop application or run on devices in the workplace. It is quick and easy to install and can be setup on a wide range of PCs in minutes.

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