Efficient communication operations for Local Authorities which includes social services, waste management, business improvement districts, Traffic Enforcement, Council Departments. One of the solution is Group Communications as a Service with Lone Worker Protection.

Airsys.Cloud provides a wide range of communications solutions for local authorities.

Airsys.Cloud ensures smooth communication, safety, and efficient operations across a range of sectors. This includes social services, housing associations, waste management, business improvement districts, and even those currently undergoing a ballot process.

With user-friendly interfaces and robust support, partnering with Airsys.Cloud means streamlined processes and enhanced productivity for your organisation.

Airsys.Cloud on the move

With Airsys.Cloud, teams can stay connected on existing mobile networks, facilitating communication for diverse roles within local authorities. Officers, at-risk personnel, and specific council departments like traffic enforcement can communicate efficiently, while Airsys.Cloud’s Task Management feature supports scheduling and prioritizing tasks.

Lone Worker Protection ensures the safety of individuals, allowing control centers to be alerted to unexpected events.


Lone Worker

For lone workers, communication and safety are paramount. Airsys.Cloud’s BS8484:2016 compliant Lone Worker Protection application integrates with health and safety, risk management, and compliance policies. With alerting capabilities for emergencies, man down situations, impact, lack of movement, periodic checks, and more, Airsys.Cloud Lone Worker Protection ensures the safety of teams that work alone.


Airsys.Cloud makes it simple and safe

Airsys.Cloud is the right solution for Waste management. Efficient operations for local councils.

By incorporating a body-worn LTE camera, push-to-talk, and live video streaming, Airsys.Cloud eliminates the need for multiple devices. It delivers business-critical communications, including task management, lone worker protection, and recording, integrating seamlessly with existing systems for enhanced safety and professionalism.

Airsys.Cloud facilitates easy tracking of individuals and ensures they can be tracked every step of the way, with features like remote control camera access and ambient listening for various tasks.

By harnessing the power of interconnected technologies, these tailored solutions empower law enforcement, waste management, and many other services to respond with greater operational efficiency.


Connect with a bridge

Traffic Enforcement Officer Giving a Ticket. Airsys.Cloud in local authorities - law enforcement.

Airsys.Cloud Bridging allows two-way radio (LMR) and mobile (BBPTT) users to communicate seamlessly. This opens up the possibility of using a single Command and Control entity (A.Rodon Dispatch) to locate, manage, and communicate with the combined LMR/BBPTT fleet.

In emergencies where life is at risk, full-duplex video with audio can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation from escalating, minimising danger to those involved.


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