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Let your employees use a device they are already comfortable using

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Do more with what you have.

For those looking to do more with what they have, download the Airsys.Cloud application straight to your chosen device whether it’s a device from our range, or your own device.

By bringing your own device you can increase productivity and reduce costs by enabling your employees to use a device they already feel comfortable using. There is less time for training and most employees typically have the most up to date technology.

A.Flex is an application designed for compatible smart devices to easily extend the range of your communications. It grants users maximum operational capabilities with a modern user interface and keeps high availability.


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Our dedicated team of Broadband Push-to-Talk specialists are here to work with you to deliver your needs, whatever your requirements. Within the Broadband Push-to-Talk market, Airsys.Cloud has become an essential provider of telecommunications solutions. Discuss with our team today on how we can do more with what you have.


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