Do more with what you have


An instant communications solution at the push of a button.


Greater service offering

Improve efficiency as Airsys.Cloud allows your teams' voices to be heard loud and clear

All in one

With little up front investment, you can bring it all together with Airsys.Cloud and Airsys.Cloud Bolt On applications


Instant communication

Turn your device into a local, national, or even worldwide communications solution at the push of a button.




Airsys.Cloud Features

Greater service offering
Instant communication between two-way radios and cellular devices across different manufacturers
Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
Your choice of compatible devices and data plans
Secure communication
Fast call set-up
Low set up costs
Low maintenance
High level of acceptance among users
Subscription based


Bring it all together with Airsys.Cloud

  • Airsys.Cloud is a simple cloud-based solution requiring little if any upfront investment. The solution operates on a user-based subscription.
  • It’s quick, easy and efficient.
  • Whatever the size of your business.
  • Wherever your workforce finds themselves.
  • And whenever you need it most.

Airsys.Cloud advanced features:

  • Lone Worker
  • Task Management
  • Indoor Localisation
  • Push To Video
  • Video Calling
  • Geofencing
  • Guard Tours; and more.


Airsys.Cloud Bolt Ons

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Our dedicated team are here to work with you to deliver your needs, whatever your requirements. Within the GCaaS market, Airsys.Cloud has become an essential provider of telecommunications solutions. Discuss with our team today on how we can do more with what you have.

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