GPS Location

Non steered EU data roaming

Seamlessly roam across Europe.

Wi-Fi support

Go and do more

250 MB

Data to get the job complete

Sim cards at Airsys.Cloud.

Our sim cards give you the data to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

  • 250 MB per month aggregated SIM
  • Data only, white-listed to URLs required for Airsys.Cloud services and device updates
  • Acceptable Use Policy applies
  • Non steered EU data roaming
  • Our SIM fleet is managed by Airsys and our SIM provider via a portal
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is supported

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    Contact Us

    Our dedicated team of Broadband Push-to-Talk specialists are here to work with you to deliver your needs, whatever your requirements. Within the Broadband Push-to-Talk market, Airsys.Cloud has become an essential provider of telecommunications solutions. Discuss with our team today on how we can do more with what you have.


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