Airsys.Cloud can unify your communications while providing enhanced coordination, team response and public safety in healthcare.


Airsys.Cloud supports healthcare employees by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that offers push-to-talk and emergency features.

Airsys.Cloud will help keep teams stay under communication and attend critical situations with effective tools that will keep them in control. Taking pride in supporting the different fields within healthcare, such as Bio-pharmaceutical research-based innovation centres, supports our already well-established, proven track-record.

What is Broadband Push-to-Talk?

Broadband Push-to-Talk offers two-way radio like communications using the cellular network at a local, national and global level. It can be a solution that stands alone or is integrated into existing systems.  Being a subscription-based solution, you can greatly reduce the upfront cost.

Airsys.Cloud Key Features

  • Local, national and global instant communication and tracking
  • Incumbent radio infrastructure integration
  • Multiple User Groups/Channels
  • Customizable down to a user level
  • Sophisticated dispatcher
  • Task Manager
  • Record history
  • Location (GPS)
  • Indoor localisation
  • Lone worker protection:
    • Man down
    • Impact detection
    • Movement alarm
    • Periodic checks
    • Emergency teams
    • BS 8484:2016 Compliant (with compliant device)
  • Video calling and PTV (push to video)
  • Remote control
  • Ambient listening
  • Remote Camera access
  • Sophisticated Geo Fencing

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