Airsys.Cloud can unify your communications while providing enhanced coordination, team response and public safety in healthcare.


Airsys.Cloud supports healthcare employees by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that offers push-to-talk and emergency features.

Airsys.Cloud will help keep teams stay under communication and attend critical situations with effective tools that will keep them in control.

What is Broadband Push-to-Talk?

Broadband Push-to-Talk offers two-way radio like communications using the cellular network at a local, national and global level. It can be a solution that stands alone or is integrated into existing systems.  Being a subscription-based solution, you can greatly reduce the upfront cost.

Airsys.Cloud Key Features

  • Local, national and global instant communication and tracking
  • Incumbent radio infrastructure integration
  • Multiple User Groups/Channels
  • Customizable down to a user level
  • Sophisticated dispatcher
  • Task Manager
  • Record history
  • Location (GPS)
  • Indoor localisation
  • Lone worker protection:
    • Man down
    • Impact detection
    • Movement alarm
    • Periodic checks
    • Emergency teams
    • BS 8484:2016 Compliant (with compliant device)
  • Video calling and PTV (push to video)
  • Remote control
  • Ambient listening
  • Remote Camera access
  • Sophisticated Geo Fencing

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