With greater functionality and reach, increased productivity and fast and secure communications, our Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) can be the solution where before there was none.

What is Broadband

Broadband Push-to-talk is a solution to allow instant and global communication at a push of a button over a broadband network. With our solution, we can integrate PMR and broadband systems, enabling communications between a two-way radio and a cellular device.

Why Airsys.Cloud
Broadband Push-to-Talk

With our Broadband Push-to-Talk solution, you can add to your existing service offering. With greater functionality and reach, increased productivity and fast and secure communications, Broadband Push-to-Talk can be the solution where before there was none.

Airsys.Cloud Features

Airsys.Cloud is a fully professional, hosted Broadband Push-to-Talk solution with extensive interoperability options. It offers an effective way of extending the range and functionality of communications systems, bringing efficiency improvements to your operations.

    • Greater service offering
    • Instant communication between two-way radios and cellular devices across difference manufacturers
    • Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
    • Your choice of compatible devices and data plans/span>
    • Secure communication
    • Fast call set-up
    • Low set up costs
    • Low maintenance
    • High level of acceptance among users
    • Recurring revenue

Worker down

As soon as the cellular device is in a horizontal position for a defined period of time, an automatic highlighted text message including the location of the cellular device will be sent to the group.

Emergency Call

Pushing the Emergency Call Button causes an Alarm Signal to go to everyone on the server including the location of the cellular device. Additionally, a duplex call is initiated and both parties can talk in duplex mode.

When communications are critical,
Airsys.Cloud is the solution

Airsys Cloud in the Industry


Airsys.Cloud can provide any small, medium, or large-scale projects with the necessary communications facilities for instant VOICE and DATA communications with no coverage limitations or setup issues. Airsys.Cloud can significantly enhance construction services and coordination, whether it is site preparation, equipment installation, utility hook-up coordination or system commissioning and testing.


Airsys.Cloud is a high availability communications solution that meets the end-to-end needs of courier businesses. Logistics can become more effective with push-to-talk communications solutions and Enterprise and Management Systems including QR-code scanning functions. Airsys.Cloud can be integrated with existing delivery networks to provide more efficient control.

Event Management

The smooth running of major events, from basic co-ordination to high-end management, is underpinned by communications. Without effective communications, an organisation is paralysed, that is why Airsys.Cloud is the choice for event managers. Being easy to setup, effective almost anywhere, and allowing a wide choice of devices, communications are no longer limited to two-way radio devices. Anyone with a cellular device can be included in the event management process and enjoy instant access to voice and data communications.

Freight and Logistics

Appropriate security measures protect the people employed in the freight transport industry and ensure the safe provision of these important services. Airsys.Cloud can offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve the security of push-to-talk communications.


Anywhere there is a need to coordinate teams in on-site situations, there is a need for “instant” communications. Airsys.Cloud can unify your communications while providing enhanced coordination, team response and public safety.


Airsys.Cloud provides instant and reliable communications for smooth operation of transportation routes and hubs. Voice, data and location capabilities enable integration with existing systems such as traffic monitoring and control (or airport /seaport management), allowing users to improve delivery of transportation services across the region.

As we look to the future, our goal is to keep communication moving with your voice in it.

Giving you more

Modern communication technologies like Airsys.Cloud have a profound impact on a variety of business processes and help to improve the quality and efficiency of communication. The use of Airsys.Cloud communication solutions can give an organisation a competitive advantage.

Airsys.Cloud BBPTT in Healthcare


Hospitals and medical centres are 24/7 facilities where there is continuous activity to care for and treat patients. The world’s leading hospitals are always recognised for high-quality patient care – that is the barometer for excellence. Many larger organisations now have multiple locations world-wide as they begin to offer preventive, holistic services as opposed to the traditional reactive care of patients. In 2017, one of the largest medical centres treated 1.5 million people from 130 countries.

The mission for Airsys.Cloud is to support these leading hospital and medical centre customers by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that provides push-to-talk and emergency features for hospital staff and administrators. Airsys.Cloud facilitates instantaneous communications between personnel and also Emergency features that can alert administration and security staff in the event of an incident. Keeping hospital personnel safe and in-touch with Security and/or First Responders is the function of Airsys.Cloud.

Market Challenges

Delivering professional and world-class patient care requires top doctors, nurses and other support personnel. In addition to front-line expertise, it is also important to have trained, experienced operational personnel with the right communications tools to ensure the hospital is providing a superb experience for patients.

Operational staff in maintenance, housekeeping, transportation and security need a tool that can facilitate instant and effective communications to perform their functions. Traditionally, single-purpose two-way radios have been provided to such staff as their communications device.

Airsys.Cloud’s A.FLEX application now turns Android, Windows or iOS devices into a two-way radio, providing push-to-talk capabilities over any broadband network, taking advantage of the device’s intelligence to provide advanced emergency and dispatch services.


A.FLEX has a number of other options that can be configured to provide more advanced communications capabilities. Using the sensors within the phones, “Man Down” alerts can be sent when a user has fallen, transmitting the exact location of the alerting device. Video and Audio Feeds can also be enabled from the alerting device. A.FLEX uses the immense computing and sensor functions present in today’s devices to deliver advanced communications and emergency services.

The A.RODON dispatch application provides additional capabilities. In conjunction with the A.FLEX client, it is a full-featured dispatch, command and control centre. It can transmit Push-to-Talk messages and data to individual users, create and track tasks, provide voice recording and monitoring and manage all user activity in the hospital.

Security of staff and patients is a top-priority of organisations of all sizes. Hospitals and medical centres have unique challenges that require emergency solutions, but ones that are simple to implement and cost-effective. Airsys.Cloud’s A.FLEX and A.RODON leverage the hospital’s investment in broadband and hardware devices to provide an over-the-top application that can suit the needs of a number of different groups within the facility.

Doctors, nurses and front-lines staff interacting with patients can simply use the device to send an emergency alert to security if necessary; maintenance, house-keeping, transportation, security and additional operational departments can use the Push-to-Talk application in lieu of a single-purpose two-way radio. A.RODON can be used as a dispatch solution managing work tickets with its Task Manager module.

Airsys.Cloud’s A.FLEX and A.RODON are ideal for the unique and challenging communications needs of Hospitals
and Medical Centres. Utilising standard, off-the-shelf Android, Windows and iOS devices, it turns these devices
into two-way radios and allows for a host of advanced, yet simple to configure, emergency features.

Communication Systems

Mobile technology has changed the lives by making the world faster. Airsys Cloud brings this technology to the communications indsurty with a professional push-to-talk solution to improve the functional of a business.


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