The RSM35 is designed to meet the needs and requirements for general  use by providing reliable and high quality audio performance.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable RSM solution
  • Big 360 degree rotating clip
  • Durable Kevlar cable

Technical Information

  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Bi-color Push To Talk button
  • Optional emergency button
  • Optional connector plug for earpieces
  • Durable Kevlar cable, coiled or straight optional;
  • 360 degree rotating big clip
  • Speaker Sound Pressure Level: 94±3dB @1KHz
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -42±3dB
  • PTT Button life: Min. 300,000 times
  • Cable diameter: 4.0 mm
  • Cable length: 390 mm (extended 1500 mm
  • Cable bearable pull force: Min. 30 lbs
  • Bearable bending: Min. 10,000 cycles
  • Available in black color
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